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Project Management Services

WeProject PMO

WeProject offers resources to assess, coach or reinforce your team during select project milestones.

If you prefer, a dedicated WeProject resource will lead your project or program using a custom methodology that incorporates appropriate agile and/or waterfall tools.

Contract WeProject to help scope and manage your deliverables, while you focus on day-to-day operations!


WeProject Risk Assessment

This tool is ideal for users (customers) and providers (suppliers) interested in developing a professional relationship that will lead to productivity and efficiency throughout a project’s life cycle. It is an excellent tool when deploying a complex project involving multiple products.

Request an assessment prior to or immediately after contract award to understand how you and your potential partners will engage on high-risk project areas.

The resulting mitigation plan will give you a head start on the planning phase and will improve your project success rate, before the project even starts!

WeProject Optimizer Program

The optimizer program is ideal for users who have had a new software system in place for more than 3 months.

The goal is to improve user experience by fine tuning employee behaviors and company processes, while exploring system features essential to critical business practices.

Don’t let your capital investment go to waste and schedule a discovery session with WeProject today!

The WeProject Difference


WeProject provides focused goals to attain the best results. No sporadic moments of heroic acts that could have been avoided in the first place.


WeProject bridges cross-generational and cross-cultural gaps to help teams bring the most effective solutions forward.


WeProject is local to the US market, with ample experience deploying US-based programs.



WeProject can help your programs in Mexico and Latin America just as easily as your US-based programs.


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