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Project Management Office

WeProject PMO

WeProject offers dedicated resources to the Energy, Manufacturing, and Education sectors for interim, long term or milestone outsourced project management solutions. 

We use a custom approach that pulls from agile, waterfall, extreme project management, and/or other methods/techniques best suited for the job.

We also assess, coach and/or reinforce your team to help manage all deliverables while you focus on other day to day operations.




Custom Training, Coaching, & Mentorship Programs

WeProject offers customized training, coaching, and mentorship programs to individuals, small and large groups. We encourage businesses to include a coaching and/or mentorship component to maximize participant experience.

We have personally mentored young-adults, helping them overcome their fears, stomp their negative habits, think creatively, and execute relentlessly.

Training is offered on-site and online to regional and global customers, in Spanish, English, or both.


Speaking Engagements

Silvia has worked as a Project Management professional for over 20 years, inspiring cross-cultural/cross-functional teams to achieve personal, project, and company goals throughout the Globe. 

Silvia is available to speak at your corporate events, small or large. Book an appointment with her to learn how your team can be inspired today!


The WeProject Difference


WeProject provides focused goals to attain the best results. No sporadic moments of heroic acts that could have been avoided in the first place.


WeProject bridges cross-generational and cross-cultural gaps to help teams bring the most effective solutions forward.


WeProject is local to the US market, with ample experience deploying US-based programs.



WeProject can help your programs in Mexico and Latin America just as easily as your US-based programs.


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