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WeProject virtual booth at NC Tech Job Fair

Learn more about adding your "I" to "We", start or re-route your professional career with a dynamic team that focuses on excellence, profitability, and giving back to the community!  If WeProject, Inc is not the match for you, there'll be plenty other employers that...

Technical Project Lead

WeProject is hiring two technical resources who reside in North Carolina and want a career in Project Management. 

The Accountability Challenge (Part II)

It might be that on any given day we stand on different steps, above and below the line, creating a dependency between our behaviors and the situation/people involved. But this shouldn’t be the case. We are paid professionals and owe it to ourselves, the organization, our customers, and ultimately our teams to always live above the dotted line.

The Accountability Challenge (Part I)

In recent days I found myself dusting off project management books and reading through multiple articles to better understand why there is much chaos and fire fighting on our projects. The results, although not surprising, exposed the elephant in the room. Click on the title to read more.


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